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Stila Functional Grandstand

Usage Areas: Stadiums, sports halls, swimming pools, and turf fields

System Definition: Modular system spectator stands made of steel construction. 

Features: Due to being made of steel construction, it has a high load capacity. The advantage of being a modular system allows for easy disassembly and relocation to a different place. It creates living spaces through containers.

Galvanized Steel
Easy Maintenance
Wind Resistance
Snow Resistance
Long Lasting
stila-functional-grandstand Stila Functional Grandstand Stila Functional Grandstand

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Spectator Capacity Capacities can be selected between 200 and 2,000 people.
Number of Rows 12 rows    
Dimensions Length: 12 m - 128 m Width: 7,50 m - 11,10 m Height: 5,10 m - 6,90 m
Reinforced Concrete Beam Width: 30 cm Height: 50 cm  
Infrastructure Concrete (15 cm)    
Wind Speed 144 km/hour    
Wind Load 100 kg/m2    
Moving Spectator Load 500kg/m2    
Stadium Seat Seat with Backrest - Backless Seat
Container Container interior furnishing is offered as an option. It can be arranged as a changing room, toilet & shower, office, or living space.
Steel Construction The preference may be for a hot-dip galvanized modular screw system or an oil-painted modular screw system.
Surface Coatings Diamond-patterned galvanized sheet is used in the upper surface coatings of the grandstand. A specially bent galvanized sheet is used in the backrest areas of the grandstand to resist flexing.
Exterior Surface Coatings Trapezoidal sheet or fiberboard cladding can be applied.

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