Stila Structure ® - Granstands & Steel Manufacturer

Southern Arena Stadium Building Project

Location: Sierra Leone - Bo

The project, agreed upon by Integral Spor at the end of 2021, was prepared in the "Turnkey Stadium" concept. The completed project, which was completed in July 2023, was tested and built according to FIFA and CAF standards. Stila Structure ® was involved in the entire infrastructure, steel construction, steel tribune, tribune seats, living spaces, lighting poles production and assembly processes within the scope of this project. The stadium, with a capacity of 6,000 people, has been an important stage for Sierra Leone football teams and competitions.

Project content;

  • Infrastructure works,
  • Grounds and arrangements,
  • Electricity and weak currents,
  • Steel tribune and seat installations,
  • Installation of lighting poles,
  • Laying artificial grass,
  • LED scoreboard and LED perimeter application
  • Construction of living spaces
  • Environmental regulations